‘47 mlb launch

‘47 believes in the power of bringing people together in support of their home teams. When Small Army was tasked with coming up with a narrative for their Spring 2018 MLB apparel launch, we proposed a narrative built around capturing the ‘unscripted’ joyful moments that happen when good friends get together. We rode along with them on the road to the cabin, capturing their arrival at the lake house, and hung out with them as they reveled in a weekend full of music, grilling and of course — watching the big game.

We channeled that youthful, vibrant energy with a photo and video shoot, which was shot over 2 days, across 10 environmental sets, featuring 6 talent for 3 different retailers.

ECD: Sam Pitino
ACD: Joe Krikava
AD: Sophie London
Photographer: Christian Kozowyk